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Hurricane Ian did more damage than we even realize.

These Gators are out of control as it is! Now with the surge and flooding created by the hurricane, these gators had to go somewhere. That somewhere is Probably Alabama.

They are invading all my favorite places.

They basically own our Alabama Rivers.

William Roy McAnelly Jr. facebook
William Roy McAnelly Jr. facebook

William Roy McAnelly Jr. captured amazing photos of this prehistoric monster on the Choctawhatchee River.

Then we had another gator show up at a church.

The Clarke County Hot Topics group, posted about this gator that decided to join Northrup Chapel Church for service.

Clarke County Sheriff Deputies along with the local Game Warden were called to Northrup Chapel Church on Highway 145 south this evening for a baby gator who wondered up in the driveway.
Clarke county hot topics facebook
Clarke county hot topics facebook
Before going into the church parking lot, 911 Dispatchers reported the gator walking up and down Highway 145 and had gotten a few calls about it being in the road.
As officials arrived on scene, the gator then ran to the church to take cover on the porch.
Perhaps it was only looking for food, maybe a place to get cool after crossing the road several times or as one of the Deputies said “He was just lookin’ for a little Jesus” ….
The Game Warden was able to successfully capture the 4 Ft. little fella and place it in “protective custody”. The gator will be safely relocated."
My only question is where do you relocate a gator?
Is it in Alabama, Probably?
Now they're invading the beaches.

It's not like the sharks,

Fake Shark Cruises The Surf in Ocean City
Getty Images

and the giant Sting rays

Eagle main

aren't enough to worry about, now we got these gators to contend with.

Gator at beach Lori Kristiansen Facebook
Gator at beach Lori Kristiansen Facebook
Lori Kristiansen posted on Facebook
"Please remember…..
Gators are everywhere!
Caution is required whenever near fresh water!
Especially at night!
Especially during mating season!"

I had no idea gators got into the ocean that far.

No wonder they spread the way they do, these things can literally survive anywhere.

Just Days after hurricane Ian hit Florida,

WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola posted this photo from a popular beach

WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola
WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola

Just look at the size of this guy!

My warning to all Alabama beach lovers, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

You never know where they're hiding.

We should have longer hunting seasons!

Stay safe Alabama.

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