We expect to see bugs outside but don’t want to see them in our homes. There is one bug I know from personal experience you don’t want to see in your home: Bedbugs.

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Recently, Orkin.Com released its list of the top 50 cities around the country that have been infested with bedbugs. The list is based on the number of bedbug treatments executed by Orkin.


A Personal Experience

Some years ago, my father took a motorcycle trip with some friends to a beach location. They stayed at a condo that had great reviews. A week later, after my father had returned home, my mother found red spots all over her right lower leg. She assumed she had come into contact with Poison Ivy while gardening and didn’t get it much thought after that.

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After a week of treatment, the spots were not going away, and there were more. A few nights later, my mother woke up from what she described as something biting her.

Exterminators Tackle Growing U.S. Bed Bug Problem
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After having pest control out at my parent’s house, it was discovered some uninvited guests had found their way into my father’s bag from the condo. It took several treatments from Orkin and many trips to the laundry mat to wash everything in hot water, but eventually, the bedbugs were eradicated.

What Does a Bite from a Bedbug look like?

There is no set look to bedbug bites. Some don’t even have symptoms. However, most will see tiny red spots that resemble mosquito bites. The bites are usually slightly swollen and cause itching to the victim. Bedbugs can bite anywhere they see skin, but since they mainly bite while someone is sleeping, the neck, face, hands, shoulders, arms, and legs are usually their targets.

What Does the Bedbug Look Like?

The bug is usually 3/16 inch long in size and is red to dark brown. They are primarily nocturnal and come out at night to feed on blood. Like in my father’s case, bedbugs can cling to luggage and other personal belongings and travel from place to place.

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How Can I Get Rid of Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are tough to remove from any area. Here are a few tips that worked for my family in dealing with these vermin. First, wash all your bedding on the hottest cycle on your washing machine. I recommend going to a laundry mat with large industrial-size washers and dryers.


The second tip would be to take all your clothes except a few outfits, place them in garbage bags, and let them sit in a secure, warm area for at least two weeks. Extreme heat and cold are the most valuable tools in combating the bug.

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The third tip is a two-part tip. First, have any carpeted areas in your home vacuumed or professionally cleaned. The second part is to put your mattress in a full cover so if any bugs are infested in the bed; they will suffocate.

Pest Control Exterminator Services Spraying Cockroach Insecticide

Lastly, have a pest control professional treat your home for bedbugs. Unfortunately, it usually takes more than one treatment you want to kill the bugs and their eggs. These are just a few tips to help if you encounter bedbugs.

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