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Nothing is more fun than a prank phone call. It is what we are known for and have been for years on the radio.

We admit it is pretty juvenile however we are pretty much third graders with a transmitter!

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In this case phone shams are easy to set up, you can get in touch with us in a couple of different ways. If you have somebody you want us to prank on the phone and all have a good laugh.

You can submit the info and the name of the person you want to set up by tapping the app and letting us know. You can always reach us on the telephone because we love the telephone! It’s what we use to mess with people every single day. Call us at 205-339-4953 and we’ll get the details on the person you want to set up for one of our phone shams.

The other day I was in the doctors office and two very young ladies started giggling as I was leaving. Now I am used to ladies giggling when they get a good look at us, but this was different. One young lady said “are you the guy that has a radio show”?

microphone in radio studio

I told her that I was half of the Steve & DC Show and they BOTH started getting excited! It was at that point that they both said “you guys do those phone shams in the morning”!
I admitted that was true and they wanted to talk about Virginia Jefferson and Bill Weed.
Virginia and Bill are two of the voices in our heads that come out when we call people and mess with them.

This prank call involves a lady set up by everyone she works with and she loves it. After she finds out it’s a joke. She had someone fall through her roof recently and that’s why we’re calling. This is a good one....

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