We all know that multiple sightings of Brian Laundrie have been reported.

This is the latest and maybe the most credible.

According to TMZ, Brian has been seen in Florida very recently.

I want YOU to decide as you watch the video above. Many people believe that he is long gone.

Many people believe that he is still in America. I am one of those people.


I don’t think he could travel internationally without getting spotted or picked up in a foreign land. Of course, for the sake of Gabby’s family, I want this nightmare to end.

As a father of two amazing, beautiful daughters, I do not even like to think about what this would be like for a parent—pure unadulterated hell.

And I think that is putting it mildly.

Do you think he is guilty?

This is an area that I have been torn on. On the one hand it is possible that he strangled his girlfriend.

On the other hand, with all of the weird circumstances surrounding the area where they found her body, could someone else be the killer? I also think that is possible.

I mean, they found two dead bodies, newlyweds, just days before they found Gabby.

That is very, very strange. I have a hard time believing that is a coincidence. You don’t see multiple murder victims within 20 yards of each other a week apart. At least I can’t remember anything like this.

Even one of the officers in Florida assigned to the case has made comments about the incredible oddities in this case compared to other murder cases.

Most importantly I wanted all residents and visitors in Tuscaloosa and around the state to know about this recent sighting.

Florida is one of our neighbors, And many of us travel there regularly.

Keep your eyes peeled because you never know where a desperate fugitive might go. Nothing would surprise me.

That’s the latest on the search for Brian Laundrie. Comment by tapping the app below.

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