The masked man in the video goes by the handle DareDevilMagic_ Insane on YouTube and is getting noticed for his daring point of view adventures.

He's climbed the top of a construction crane in Miami, scaled the abandoned Dania Beach Hurricane roller coaster in Dania, Florida, explored an abandoned movie theater, and more. What makes his videos point of view (POV) is the fact that he's wearing a GoPro camera on his head while playing Spider Man.

On a recent visit to Tuscaloosa, DareDevilMagic_Insane spent time climbing the Black Warrior River Railroad Trestle. Originally known as the M&O Railroad trestle, it's a wooden and steel truss bridge that was constructed across the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa for the Mobile and Ohio Railroad in 1898. Along with Old Locks One, Two and Three, the M&O trestle improved transportation in West Alabama and heralded an era of economic development in the 20th century.

Watch now as this masked daredevil ascends to the top with ease and seemingly without fear.

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