I'm looking forward to some big games this weekend in both high school and college football.  Here's my list of "YAY FOOTBALL" i can't wait to watch...


Hale Co @ Northside: The battle of the un-beaten, Hale Co on the road...YAY FOOTBALL!!

Northridge @ Hillcrest: After the Jags upset Tuscaloosa County last week, could this mean Northridge is back on top in big boy T-town football???  We find out tonight LIVE on 95.3 The Bear!

Paul Bryant @ Brookwood: Bryant Coach Eldrick Hill calls this "a Super Bowl"...nuff said.

Fresno St at Bama, Nebraska at Oregon, Auburn at Clemson, Georgia at Nortre Dame and Oklahoma at Ohio State...YAY FOOTBALL!!!!  For more check out today Wild Bill Show on 95.3 The Bear!

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