Police in Mobile arrested a man in connection with attacking two restaurant owners with a claw hammer.  The attacker says "She was one of my best friends and I don't know why I've done this!"

Hey CRAZY, if you don't know who then?  Police said 51-year-old James Erickson, who attacked a man and woman with a claw hammer at the Key West Lounge as they were closing up for the night on Wednesday. Shortly after this attack he turned himself in to a local hospital for medical treatment.  WHAT?  Apparently his hands must have been hurting from hitting people with a claw hammer???  (Insert symbol crash here)


When asked "WHY DID YOU DO THIS?"  He said, "I don't understand why I did it either, I want to find out!"  (Insert Patsy Cline's "Crazy" right about here i think)

Thankfully the 2 victims are alive and in stable condition but covered in bruises.  Wild Bill's Crazy Story of the Day as heard on today's Wild Bill Show on 95.3 The Bear!

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