I love Steak & Shake. Ate there way too often when I lived in St Louis. I was ecstatic when I heard we were getting our first Steak and Shake in T Town.

Oh those glorious old fashion steak burgers. Those amazing french fries. And incredible milk shakes. I even love the smell of the place. And if you've ever been in a Steak & Shake you know there's a distinct, delicious smell. Kind of an old fashion malt shop aroma.

Now that I've worked myself into a Steak & Shake frenzy, I would love to get in the car and run down to Skyland Blvd, in front of the movie theatre, and place my order.

But wait! There is a parking lot & what appears to be early construction signs. There is a COMING SOON STEAK & SHAKE sign. It has looked this way for a year! What happened? Rumors have circulated that the investor got sick. One thing for certain is there has ben no progress on that COMING SOON promise in months.

So tell the Steak & Shake lover what you've heard. I need to know. I need to satisfy this craving as soon as possible.

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