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There is a recall on a popular appliance that almost every household in Alabama has or uses.

Recall toy block
Courtesy CPSC.GOV


Washing machines…


Samsung is recalling over 600,000 of their top-load washing machines because of the risk of short-circuiting and possible fire threat.  Now we know we need our clothes dried also, but not this way!


Now don’t panic gentlemen! There is a way to avoid the fire risk.  If you have one of the Samsung models that are under this recall, Samsung says all you have to do is update the software via the internet.


If you don’t have your washing machine connected to the internet, just contact Samsung for the software update without having to use the internet.

On a side note… guys yes a new appliance is a great addition to the household, but if you bought your wife an appliance I suggest you run out and get her something shiny she can look at while she’s waiting for the cycle to finish. Something that is for her, not the household…trust me when she is happy you're happy!

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