As Alabama gears up for its first true road game of 2017, head coach Nick Saban emphasized the importance of focus in his final press conference before the Vanderbilt game.

"The focus has been, you know, we have to play to our standard," Saban said. "The challenge of playing to your standard on the road: staying focused, no mental clutter, good communication, and we're playing a really good team. So all of these things become really, really important."

The Crimson Tide has maintained its No. 1 ranking after the 3-0 start in non-conference play, but Saban still sent a message about entitlement.

"I think everybody's got to understand that we have to work to deserve success. You're never entitled to it no matter what you've accomplished or done in the past, individually or collectively as a team."

The other topics Saban touched on during the press conference include:

  • His evaluation of the return game so far this season.
  • How running back Josh Jacobs is looking as he comes back from injury.
  • His thoughts on the Vanderbilt defense and what challenges it presents.
  • What needs to happen in order to get the defense off the field and allow it to finish a game strong.
  • Pass rush in college football, both protecting against and delivering it.

Alabama and Vanderbilt will play at 2:30 p.m. on CBS this Saturday.

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