What can you say?

This might be due to something in the water or air in Alabama.

I do not know why more men in Alabama are showing up in public completely BUTT NEKKID. By the way, when you are NEKKID, instead of NAKED, that means you have no clothes on AND you're up to something.

The weather is getting cooler and colder temps are on the way.

Over the holidays, people shopping in Leeds, Alabama were treated to a nekkid fool at Bass Pro Shop diving INTO the aquarium while knocking himself out!


*Video from Twitter/X/@matttttt187

We who reside in the Tuscaloosa region have had our own experiences with nekkid men hitting our streets as well!

Earlier, Tuscaloosa drivers on Skyland Boulevard were exposed to a completely naked male walking along the busy highway.

We have a video of the afternoon traffic "accident" (I don't think this was an accident) for you below.

The video comes from an account for Tony Felton on Facebook.

As usual, the comments are some of the most interesting parts of this story.

A naked man walks down Skyland Boulevard.

No word from Tuscaloosa authorities as of Tuesday evening.

More on this developing and unforgettable story coming soon....

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