Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide investigators are looking into electric shock drowning as a possible cause of death for two women, 34-year-old Shelly Darling and 41-year-old Elizabeth Whipple, who went missing Friday while in Lake Tuscaloosa.

According to WIAT News, their bodies were retrieved from the lake early Saturday morning.  “We’re not 100 percent sure what caused it, but we do know there was electricity going through at least part of the pier, because one of our officers did receive what appeared to be electric shock.  We’re waiting on the full report from the medical examiner to determine exactly what happened.”

Electric shock drowning occurs when electricity from a dock, pool, boat, or marina leaks into the water, and people enter the water area. The electricity shocks them, paralyzing muscles making it impossible to swim, leading to the drowning. According to police the electricity makes it difficult for people to rescue someone without suffering a shock as well which might explain the deputy report of "feeling a jolt of electricity."

Our thoughts and prayers go to both families and at this point foul play is not suspected. Don Hartley has more this afternoon on the Wild Bill Show on 95.3 The Bear at 4:30, 5:30 & 6:30pm!


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