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Molly Whitehead is a patriot who delivered a $2,400 check to Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office Friday to help protect dogs in the department's canine unit. "We started reading all the postings about police, sheriff canines that were being killed because of old outdated vests. No funds to even buy a vest. And we decided we wanted to something for one unit somewhere in our home state," Whitehead said as reported by WBRC.

Currently, the Sheriff's Department has seven dogs in the canine unit but only two vests, both which are out of date.

Sheriff Ron Abernathy was appreciative of the funds and the sentiment. "It's great that we've got the public that's thinking about our officers and our canines which are officers too," he said.

Whitehead, along with a few friends, held a yard sale to raise some money.  Several area businesses matched their funds which helped Whithead reach her goal of making sure all officers, even the four legged ones, are well protected.  Whitehead observed that K-9 officers are often killed protecting their partners.

The sheriff's office is adding money to the donation to buy as many vests as possible for dogs in the K-9 unit.

Estimates for the cost of K-9 vests range from $60-200.

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