There's a new way to pay off your parking fines in Tuscaloosa. For the month of August, overtime parking tickets can be paid with $10 worth of school supplies, and the supplies collected will be given to Tuscaloosa City Schools and distributed to students in need.

Supplies can be brought to the Tuscaloosa Municipal Court on 6th Street downtown. Below is a list of acceptable supplies and the assigned values (receipts for purchase can be shown in lieu of the City’s assigned values):

Heavy Duty Backpacks $10 and up
Ream White Copy Paper $4 and up
Index Cards $0.50 and up
Black & Blue Ink Pens $1 and up
16GB Flash Drive $4 and up
Scientific Calculators $9 and up
Erasers – 3 packs $1.50 and up
Standard/College Ruled $1 and up
College-Ruled Spiral Notebooks $0.60 and up
Mechanical or #2 pencils $1 and up
Binder Pouches $6 and up
Clorox/Lysol Wipes 3 packs $6.50 and up
Highlighters 3ct. $2.10 and up
Highlighters 10ct. $6 and up
Hand Sanitizers $2 and up
Box(es) of Kleenex Tissues $1.60 and up
Binder Dividers $1.50 and up
Box of Crayons $3 and up
Kids’ Scissors $1.50 and up

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