Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas are not strangers to storms and bad weather. Just days after straight-line winds inflicted heavy damage on the Fosters and Ralph communities, the Fosters-Ralph Water Authority is requesting customers conserve water.

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The Water Authority is asking for the conservation of water due to power outages that have affected both communities. The storm Friday night destroyed over an estimated 100 power poles.

The Water Authority uses electrical pumps to push the water through the tanks and underground lines.


Though it's not suggesting that their customers stop washing dishes or anything household related, they are asking people to not wash their cars or water plants for the time being.

courtesy of twitter
courtesy of twitter

Ronny Driver, Fosters-Ralph Water Operator commented that “Just mainly our Knoxville, Union, and Eutaw area. The Tuscaloosa side is doing good. We’re on Coker water right now for emergency use and that’s helped our supply.”

Driver says the water conservation request should be lifted in about 48 hours.

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