Five years after the devastating tornado brought Tuscaloosa to her knees, the University of Alabama reflects on the progress our community has made since April 27th, 2011.

An E-4 tornado more than mile wide touched down at 5:13 p.m. and cut a 5.9-mile path, destroying 12 percent of the city, and killing 54. In just six minutes, 7,000 people became unemployed.

UA students and staff, many of whom were impacted by the storm, went to work helping clear debris, feed first responders and volunteers. Crimson Tide football players worked alongside their coach to help make their fans whole again. Fundraisers were organized to collect school supplies. Care kits were collected and distributed.

We learned a lot about our selves during the days and months that followed the tornado. We discovered how precious life was, the resilience of our community and just how much we all needed each other.

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