Tuscaloosa Police have learned more of the death of Emmett Kyzer, an 82 year old victim of foul play in June 2016.  According to Stephanie Taylor with the Tuscaloosa News a witness described a brutal attack with a baseball bat and an ice pick.


“The witness stated Kyzer was hit so hard the bat broke, and Kyzer was bleeding from the head,” a Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit investigator wrote in a court document report released today.  Kyzer's family says he was in a wheelchair, feeble, and had been sick for more than a year before his disappearance almost 2 years ago.

Emmett Kyzer’s burnt body was found by loggers a wooded lot off Ed Stephens Road in Coaling.  More coming up today at 3:50 and 5:50pm on 95.3 The Bear.

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