Today on the Wild Bill Show we salute Veteran Tuscaloosa Police officer Capt. Joe Pearson who retired today after 33 years.  According to the Tuscaloosa News, Capt. Pearson told younger officers yesterday, "I know that things are tough out there for y'all right now, but just know that good will prevail over evil, always!  Do your job like you've been trained to do, and everything will be fine.  Keep your chins up and do your jobs," he said.

Local police put their lives on the line every single day.  I remind myself, "Who is it WE call when WE need help?"  It's important to say thank you and today we salute a man that knew from the age of 5 he wanted to be a police officer.  Captain Joe Pearson says, "This is a calling. It's not a job, it's a life."

Thank you for 33 years of service to the city, the people of Tuscaloosa!

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