The Arts Council of Tuscaloosa will host a press conference at 10 a.m. today to reveal the colorful new mural on the side of Egan's Bar on The Strip. 

The stunning multi-colored mural contains a hidden message that can be viewed via a red light filter or with special 3D glasses available at areas businesses thanks to Buffalo Rock Pepsi.

"“The hidden message in this case reads DRUID CITY in reference to the city’s historic nickname and to symbolically show that while mostly unseen, the past is always a part of who we are,” said mural artist Jason Tetlak.

Tetlak has completed mural commissions in cities such as Jacksonville, Fla., Charleston, W.V. and Miami, Fl. He has been featured in solo and group shows including the Basel House 2018 as part of the Art Basel show in Miami. The artist founded and organized the Murray Hill Mural Project. He was also awarded the Guinness World Record in March 2018 for largest 3D/Anaglyph Painting based on a mural project. Tetlak holds the Bachelor of Fine Arts & Graphic

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