Maybe it's that I still have the sense of humor of a third-grader.

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This world is jacked up, insane, and flat-out crazy as you-know-what.

That's why we all need some laughter in our day! A little fun on the phone with someone who doesn't know we're calling.

I hope you are having a fine day, but if you need a laugh....this might do the trick.

This call involves one of the all-time great prank "victims". Her name is "Maybell" and she is so dang funny!

It all begins with some hamsters. Need we say another word? Once you bring hamsters into the situation, that's all she wrote!

Listen as we call Maybell and have some fun!

Here we go! Prank call below:

*Audio courtesy of Steve & DC/Townsquare Media

More pranks coming to this space soon! We go phone prankin' every morning on the Steve & DC Show on 95.3 The Bear from 6-10am.

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