I am more of a dog person. I don’t dislike cats; I’m just allergic to them. They are soooo cute. I wish I weren’t allergic. I would have one and name her Elizabeth Taylor.  

One thing about cats, they don’t care about anything except themselves. If they want to be loved, it has to be THEIR idea, not yours. Lay in the sun; it’s totally up to them. Or they can choose to hide in the suitcase of an allergic person, roll all over their clothes, to make their travel home miserable. (That really did happen to me). 

However, cats can be quite entertaining, like a cat chasing a laser.  

Cats plus water is always a hit. 

A cat riding on a Roomba was my guilty pleasure.  

Hence the word “was.” Now, it’s this cat. 

Isn’t that the most incredible thing you have seen all week? A cat playing soccer! He is pretty good at it too. The Animal Rescue Site notes that the cat’s name is “Meownuel Neuer – cleverly named after German soccer player Manuel Neuer – has quite a set of skills as far as felines are concerned.” If you are a cat parent, you already know you don’t own a cat; the cat owns you. So, Meownuel Neuer owns Chris Dixon, who is a 23-year-old YouTuber and soccer fan.  

Not a cat owner yet, but thinking about it or want your own Meownuel Neuer. Be sure to check out the Pet of the Week with Humane Society of West Alabama. Click here to find out about Tux, who needs a good home filled with love.

(Source) For more from the Animal Rescue Site, click here.  Click here for more from the Humane Society of West Alabama.

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