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It’s homecoming at Hillcrest. It is a harmless Patriot homecoming tradition to toilet paper yards. We called it “rolling yards” in my day.  Even though it is a harmless prank, kids sure don’t want to get caught.

Russel Estes shared a funny video from his doorbell camera of several Hillcrest kids carrying out the homecoming TP tradition.  When Russel makes a sound with the doorbell cam, the Hillcrest kids scatter. You know their young hearts were racing.
Estes had a great sense of humor about his video, saying “I toilet papered a few yards in my day. Harmless fun”.


Apparently, the kids caught on video left in such a hurry they left several rolls of Toilet Paper behind. Estes said, “and it was the good stuff”.

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The Hillcrest Patriots play Paul Bryant in a homecoming matchup Friday night at 7 pm.

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