Alabama's recruiting class has been called "Saban's best ever" by many sports writer while being praised as #1 in College football.  Nick Saban talked about Bama's biggest “weakness” in recruiting this year and it surprised some people.

“We obviously try to identify needs that we have each year, and I think in this class we sort of hit every spot but one, we wanted to recruit at least one corner, maybe two. It just worked out that it didn’t happen that way for us" according to Fox Sports.

We Bama fans may LOVE the #1 recruiting ranking, Nick Saban says that he doesn't pay much attention to these recruiting ratings.  It's hard to judge the future of an 18 year old at any level when you stop and think about it.  We know Saban recruits "freaks of the sports nature" that are fast, big, and powerful young men.  Ya mix that up with Saban's coaching, leadership, and staff and BOO-YA...ROLL TIDE!!!

Tide 102.9 via YouTube
Tide 102.9 via YouTube

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