Nick Saban says Alabama defensive lineman Raekwon Davis is "day-to-day" as he recovers from the minor gunshot wound he suffered early Sunday morning in Tuscaloosa.

Saban didn't say if Davis will play against Florida State on Saturday.  Saban told the media, "I know this, nothing good happens after midnight, or after 3 drinks."

I have memories of my granny saying these same words to me back in my early 20's.  Personally, I'm so tired of shootings every stinking weekend in Tuscaloosa.  Many long time residents are wondering more and more about safety in our town. #WildBillShow

Nick Saban met with the media prior to practice on Monday afternoon. Following is his opening statement:  “This (season-opening game) a great opportunity for our team to play in a great environment, at a new stadium in Atlanta, against one of the top teams in the country. Florida State has a lot of returning starters on both sides of the ball, especially at skill positions, and their quarterback. They have 10 or 11 guys coming back on defense, which was one of the top defenses in the country a year ago. Both of these teams probably are going to be well-prepared to play this game. I know our guys have done a really good job in preparation for this game. We’re pleased with the progress that we’ve been able to make with a lot of players. We’ve had a couple good days of work in Florida State prep, which we will continue today. Each player kind of knows what their job is and what their challenges are. Each player knows that the player that he’s playing against is a really good player, and he’s going to know his number too; that’s what makes it a great challenge and a great opportunity for our team. This game is going to come down to who can play with the most discipline and execute for 60 minutes in the game – that’s how a lot of first games are. Who’s going to make the most mental errors? Who’s going to take care of the ball the best? This is always the challenge in an opening game.

 “With the Raekwon Davis situation, we’re still gathering information. It doesn’t seem like our players were guilty of anything other than being out late, which doesn’t make me happy. He has been released from the hospital. He’s here, and he’s getting treatment. He’ll be day-to-day, and we’re still gathering information. What his status is moving forward will be a medical decision, not something that we can really comment on here right now.”

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