Are you afraid of heights? Then don't climb the slide coming to Snow Hinton park in August!


I remember the slides we used to play on in elementary school. They were all metal and HOT. There weren't many safety features either. Maybe because the slides we played on were about 10 feet tall!

PARA is bringing a 38 ft tall slide to Snow Hinton Park! According to Tuscaloosa News, Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority partnered with Kompan, a playground equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Denmark to bring "the tallest slide in the southeastern United States" to Tuscaloosa.

More from T-News:

The $275,000 cost for the equipment includes the installation, which Booker said could be complete by August, and Kompan equipment already has been installed at Munny Sokol Park with additional pieces now being constructed.


It will be installed close to the new pavilion that is currently under construction on Hargrove Road side – there is an existing circular sidewalk there and the unit will be installed in center.

Who's more excited about this you or your kids!?

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