Lucy Angel are gearing up for summer, and their new lyric video shows the family band having fun poolside. The appropriately-titled new single "Public Pool Party" highlights all of the fun that can be had by skipping the drive to the beach and instead chilling at a public pool.

The lyric video for the infectious summer song is being premiered exclusively on Taste of Country and features mother Kate and daughters Emily and Lindsay Anderton acting out the lyrics.

"Far from the ocean / Shores out of reach / We can still make some waves if we ain't got a beach / Cannonball / I didn't bring enough alcohol," Lucy Angel sing on the track.

The "Public Pool Party" lyric video brings the song vividly to life as several people are shown jumping into a pool surrounded by empty rafts. There's a little girl with swimmies on her arms, a couple jumping into the pool together and plenty of waves from cannonballs. The all-too-real lyrics also include the sometimes uncomfortable moments of being at a public pool. "Just when I thought I'd seen it all / Dude, that suit is way too small," they sing.

"Public Pool Party" was co-written by Emily Anderton, Jake Anderton, Kate Anderton, Lindsay Anderton and Summer Overstreet. The song was produced by Noah Gordon.

Lucy Angel are currently involved with a docu-series called Discovering Lucy Angel. The series, which originally aired on AXS TV, is now streaming on Netflix and shares what goes on behind the scenes as the family band try their best to navigate the music industry.

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