UPDATE 9:25 a.m. : The lockdown has been lifted after school officials discovered the gun was a toy.

Hillcrest High School and Hillcrest Middle School were both placed on lockdown Tuesday morning after a student reported seeing a gun on a school bus, according to Tuscaloosa County School System officials.

The Office of the Superintendent released a statement around 9 a.m. Tuesday confirming both schools were on lockdown, safety plans were in place and law enforcement officials were on site at each school.


Shortly after, TCSS posted to their website to say the lockdown had been lifted and the gun was a harmless replica.

"Hillcrest High School and Hillcrest Middle School have resumed their regular schedules," The Superintendent said in a statement. "During a search of Hillcrest High, a toy gun was recovered. TCSS appreciates the assistance of law enforcement in this situation, and commends faculty and staff at the schools for following safety protocols."

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