Hillcrest Patriot, Jahi Brown, just may be the best kept secret in West Alabama High School football.  Every good team has self-less players like Jahi Brown the fullback at Hillcrest.  I'm talking about those players that block for the guy that scores the Touchdown and seldom get their name called.

The reality is, Hillcrest Football is centered around one of the best running backs in the country in Brian Robinson.  It's guys like Jahi that pave the way on the ole Touchdown highway.  Jahi says, "with or without the ball I play a crucial role, thats what my Coach tells me at least.  Every block counts ya know!"  It's statements like this that point to 2 certain facts.  Jahi is a selfless kinda guy that would compliment any team.  It also tells us what a great job Coach Sam Adams is doing at Hillcrest this year!

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