When Texas A&M decided to take away Alabama's run game, that meant the passing game had to take up the slack. Jalen Milroe's career best 321 yards passing and Jermaine Burton's career high 197 yards receiving helped the Tide do just that.

Milroe talked about how those things came about in this week's press  briefing.

On Jermaine Burton's emergence

"I saw something in his eyes. The way he practiced. How into it he was with the game play. We all want to make big plays. We know Jermaine is a big factor for us to be successful."

On what went through his mind when entering last year's Arkansas game unexpectedly

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"I was a little emotional, but the first thing was to make sure Bryce [Young] was OK. I made sure to see how he was doing.

"I was full of emotion. It was a learning expericne for me. First SEC game on the road."

On the late pass that was incomplete rather than taking at knee

"That wasn't a smart play by  me. I should have handed the ball off."

On Chris Braswell's open field running skills

"That was no surprise to me how fast he was. During the offseason he was clocked about 21 MPH. We laugh and joke about how fast he is."

On now connection on intermediate passes rather than just deep balls

"The offseason was very key to enhancing my ability. Just getting with the receivers [on a trip  he planned to a Tampa passing academy].. I give credit to the receivers. They got open."

On Jaeden Roberts' first start at right guard

"He balled out. He's a great competitor. You don't know how hard we works."

On the strengths of the offense

"The positive mindset we have: the good, the bad and the ugly. It's something we can always improve on. That's the strength of the offense."

On the team's improvement since Texas

"We're nowhere near a finished product. We have a very hungry group of guys. The guys in the room challenge us and they challenge us to this day. "


On how the game is slowing down

"For anybody to be less anxious, preparation is very key. Also the coaches' knowledge and trust factor they have in me... to be able to display my game."

On the pre-snap penalties

"We have to limit penalties. That's number one. From my end, I need to do better job being loud and vocal with my cadence. I'm going to get together with the guys to make sure everybody's on the same page before the snap."

On the snap improvements

"We play games when we practice the snap. [Center Seth Mclaughlin] and I challenge each other, have fun with it and enjoy football."

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