On Monday, Kimberly introduced us early risers, including Justin Wood (aka, Just-a-Buck Justin) in our building to the 27 Day Butt and Thigh Challenge. We are on day 4. The fun has just started. Will you join us?

What is the 27 Day Challenge? Start day one with 5 squats. That's it. Just get up from your desk and squat 5 times. Day two, do 10 squats and so on. On day six you should be up to 30. Rest on day seven. Start day 8 over at 30 and add 5 for 6 more days, rest and repeat. By the end of the challenge at day 27, you should be able to do 100!


Kimberly marked out a calendar. If you want to join, just set a reminder in your phone to get up at 7am and hit the squats with us.

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