I've got the Roll Tide Blues today...late night last night, filled with football frustration.  I dig deep to remind myself, "Hey this is just a game, ain't nuttin really wrong Bill."  I don't buy what I'm selling myself.

I get it!  There are many questions a 'monday morning arm chair QB' can ask...Why did WE fake the field goal last night?  Who came up with that one..."Hey Coach i got this trick play where we use our kicker as a lead blocker and pound em with our 3rd string QB!"  Why can't I stop thinking about this game overtime i close my eyes?

The fact is, Alabama football is my vice...there i said it.  I love Bama football, I crave Bama football, and depend on it and have for years and years!  It's who i am, it's who many of you are too!  We care about our team and our team cares about our community.

The one thing i know for sure is that Tuscaloosa, Alabama loves it's football team.  Lets not make the mistake of the TEAM not knowing that now.  If you see a player, a coach around town...encourage them, and let em know we appreciate them.  Lets refrain from posting negative things or saying negative comments about our players & coaches on social media.  Roll Tide Forever!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Damien Harris speaks about the disappointing Bama loss with Don Hartley at 3:45 & 5:45 on todays show. #WildBillShow

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