Here Are 18 Pairings for the Best Guac in T-Town

Hooray, it’s National Guacamole Day.  When I hear the word guacamole, my heart soars.  I also immediately think that I can have a margarita too.  If you are looking for the best guacamole in Tuscaloosa, head straight for Taco Mama.  Every time I visit Taco Mama Tuscaloosa located at 2104 A University Blvd an order of chips and guacamole is necessary (and maybe a Mercedes margarita too).

Guacamole isn’t only to keep you and your margarita company. Make your own or pick some up from Taco Mama Tuscaloosa because here are 18 of my favorite ways to pair up your guacamole:

My favorite > Guacamole, Cucumber, and Tomato Salad

My 2nd favorite > Guacamole on Toast

Guacamole Chicken Tacos

Guacamole topping to Taco Soup

Guacamole Dip for Vegetables

Guacamole topping for a Burger

Pita Chips and Guacamole

Guacamole topping to a Pizza

Guacamole Egg Rolls

Guacamole and Shrimp ceviche

Guacamole topping for Bruschetta

Guacamole topping for Stuffed Mushrooms

Guacamole topping for Deviled Eggs

Guacamole on Flatbread

Guacamole topping for Hot dogs

Grilled cheese and Guacamole Sandwich

Puree your guacamole to make a salad dressing

Topping for a Baked Potato

Also, if you are feeling adventurous, you can set out to make your own guacamole.  I found a great recipe that is easy to follow from Food Wishes.  This video truly takes you step by step, so your friends will be super impressed.

(Source) For more about Taco Mama Tuscaloosa, click here.  For the Classic Guacamole Recipe from Food Wishes, click here.

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