Ever met someone that can really speak to a horse? My grandfather was like that, his name was "Dalton" & i thought of him when i saw this today. Karla Swindle knows horses, LOVES horses, SAVES horses, and this girl named "Spirit" needs saving.

Spirit is well-trained, loves humans, 20 years of life remains, and sadly ships Thursday from FL to Mexico to be sold as beef. Karla Swindle needs 900.00 to lift her "Spirit" off the slaughter list.  Here's more from Karla....

I don't usually do this but their is a mare that is slaughter bound, I know this mare and would love to save her she only has till Thursday then she ships to Mexico for slaughter, she is 6 years old and is a well bred mare. I have had some folks ask me for my paypal to send money to save her. Her bail is $1,250 plus $55.00 for coggins and Amber will haul her to me for $300. Not sure enough folks would want to help raise money. If she ships or sells before I can get money raised I will refund money. PayPal is swindlefayette@aol.com.

IN 2010, the Wild Bill Show featured the good works of Karla and look at the results below.  Karla really LOVES horses and we want to support her efforts and passion.  For more info reach out on Facebook to Karla Swindle or send email to swindlefayette@aol.com.

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