We are roughly one month away from spring, which is March 19. It's now time to start thinking about Spring!

What does Spring 2024 have in store for the United States? Early predictions are calling for a “warmer than average for most of the U.S.,” said The Weather Channel.

El Niño to La Niña

It is probable that El Niño will diminish quite quickly during the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

According to The Weather Channel, “Among the potential impacts of this transition, including a likely busier hurricane season and possibly a more active severe weather season for parts of the central U.S., the warmth across the U.S. could also be unleashed farther south.”

[A busier hurricane plus an active severe weather season don’t sound that appealing]

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Predictions for Spring in Alabama

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March Outlook

We can expect slightly below-average temperatures for our area in the southern region. Florida will be below the average.

April Thoughts

As we enter into April, the temperatures will shift warmer, and overall, the month will be slightly above average for Alabama and most of the region, said The Weather Channel. However, Florida will be slightly below average.

Possibilities for May

May will continue to have slightly above-average temperatures for the southern region, including Alabama.

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