WOW!  THE MILK WENT BAD FAST.  It would appear that Brookwood, Alabama has lots of trucks with big horns and every time i try to do a "LIVE" Brookwood broadcast this seems to happen.

It's important that I type at least 100 words so I will also tell you that Brookwood is my kinda place.  I love the Brookwood backroads, all the trees, hills, and the people.  I like hard working communities cause thats what I came from...think Kenny Chesney calls it "Shiftwork."

I remember my riding in an El Camino with my Grandad, and picking up my Granny from an old factory named SERBIN FASHIONS in Fayetteville, Tennessee.  Our family had only one car like most back then, and we'd load up a stray we'd found at the city dump named "Little Poochie."  It was a Saturday, really hot outside and I'd drank probably 10 Dr Peppers that day while playing baseball with kids in the neighborhood.  LOL, I love to run...I'm telling you I was like Forrest Gump, I ran everywhere.  I was really sweating when my grandad came to pick me up in that El Camino we'd painted Silver with spray paint we'd bought at Freds.

Today, I still remember watching my Granny along with hundreds of other females literally run outta that old sweat shop factory.  Women running and stumbling, soaked with sweat, head to toe, running cause most had to get home to "tend the kids and supper."  My Granny would slide into that bench seat El Camino and she always insisted that I sit by the window.  As I look back, I wish I'd let her have the window seat cause with no AC it was "Free Air over 15 mph."  I'm thankful that greedy factory operations have been forced by our government to treat humans better these days to make a dollar.  It saddens me to have seen first hand what men are willing to force others to do.  LOVE OF MONEY, truly the root of all evil.

I say that, to say this...many in Brookwood has seen family exist in very hard working conditions in those mines.  While still dangerous today, I'm so thankful that the Coal business is not the same as it used to be as well.

Wild Bill Is Back
Wild Bill Is Back






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