This is hard to type.  Alabama Football heaven got more beautiful today with the passing of an Alabama legend, Fred Sington Jr.   Fred scored the first points on a Paul Bryant coached team with what he called an "ugly knuckle ball field goal."

The story goes (and boy howdy Fred could tell a story) that Coach Bryant told Fred "If you ever kick another Bleep, Bleep ugly field goal like that again it will be your last."  I always loved hearing Freds stories and he knew how to grab attention.

Fred and I broadcast hundreds of high school football games together in the Gadsden area in the 90's and other radio stations begin to want our show.  Fred and I signed a deal with 43 radio stations in 2004 and syndicated "The Big Scoreboard Show."

I knew day one Fred and I would make great partners and I will never forget our first broadcast.  We we're covering a #1 in 6a Clay-Chalkville vs #1 in 5a Etowah and Carnell Williams was the best running in the country.  In our pre-game, I'd told Fred "I'm gonna ask you how they can stop Carnell so be ready!"  He said, "I'm ready" and we started our first show by me saying "Carnell averages almost 9 yards per touch, how can Clay Chalkville stop this guy?"  Fred confidently replied, "Well damn motor-scooters I guess, I'm not really sure honestly!"  I started laughing and said "THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!"

I loved intruding Fred as "the author of how to play tennis without balls, Mr Fred Sington Jr."  He'd laugh and always tell me about people really asking about his book and where they could buy it.  That Gadsden, Alabama radio sports show we started in 1998 is still going strong today and that makes me smile.  I'm honored to know that we started something almost 20 years ago and it's still plugging away.

Fred Sington Jr was also known for "Sington Sporting Goods" that his father started years ago.  At one time, Sington Sporting Goods was the best brand in Alabama in athletic gear if ya ask me.

Fred Sington Jr, rest in peace my good friend and please meet me at Heaven's gate when it's my time sir.  I'd like to do one more show and I think people would still listen. #WildBillShow


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