We do a daily segment on "The Wild Bill Show," called our "Feel Good Story of the Day," to highlight some good in the midst of all this bad.  As soon as today's segment ended, I thought of how Bama football makes me feel good.  Seriously, I know it to be a type of pain reliever or distraction for many fans, as it is something to take our minds off of our problems as we watch intently for four hours while that Crimson team dominates it's opponent.  It just makes ya feel better when we win, and that's a fact.  It's a high that I would imagine is better than anything Walter White made in that RV could give you.  I think Bama football could be the medicine Tuscaloosa needs to get over this Covid-19.  Sounds like a great win to me...Alabama Football 2020, Covid-19.

Stay safe and remember that touching someone else's facemask is a 15-yard penalty.  Roll Tide! #WildBillShow

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