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MoneyGeek, a personal finance technology company, has released its annual report on the most dangerous cities in America. The report is compiled using FBI crime statistics for the most recent year available and analyzes violent crimes such as murder, rape, and aggravated assault, as well as property crimes like home burglary and motor vehicle theft.

The study considered 263 cities across the US with populations exceeding 100,000.

To determine the cost of crime for each city, MoneyGeek paired crime statistics with research on the societal costs of different types of crimes.

Annapolis Shooting
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This provides a clearer picture of the dangers in a particular location instead of just looking at crime rates, as it factors in the severity of each crime.

The cost of crime per capita was $1,836, representing a 6% increase from the previous year.

Midwest Rivers Crest At Near Record Levels
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St. Louis, Missouri, topped the list of the most dangerous cities in America for the second year in a row, with the highest per-capita crime cost of $8,457.


Mobile, Alabama,

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and Birmingham, Alabama, came in second and third, respectively, with higher than average crime rates and lower standards of living.

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