Dierks Bentley's wife, Cassidy, will run the 2017 Boston Marathon to raise money for Safe Haven, a family homeless shelter based in Nashville. She and Bentley are encouraging fans to donate to the cause.

“At the end, when it gets really hard, I’m going to be thinking about Safe Haven and the people who supported me,” Cassidy tells the Tennessean.

Cassidy was first introduced to Safe Haven in 2015 when her husband featured a formerly homeless mom named Amy in his music video for "Riser." She knew that during her second Boston Marathon run, she wanted to raise money for a worthy cause.

"I’ve decided to run to create awareness and raise money for Safe Haven Family Shelter of Nashville, an organization that does life-changing work on behalf of homeless families," she writes on her fundraising page. "Safe Haven keeps families who are homeless together, provides them with shelter and eventually permanent housing along with the therapy, support and training needed to gain self-sufficiency and rebuild their lives. My family has been involved with them for a few years and I’ve seen up close the incredibly important, desperately needed, inspiring work they do and I’m thrilled to be running in their honor and in honor of present and future families who need Safe Haven."

This marks the second time Cassidy will run the Boston Marathon. Her first was in 2014, the year after the 2013 marathon bombing.

“At that race, there was a real sense of love. People who’d gone through it came back, to not let terror win. It was very exciting to be there,” she explains.

For more on Cassidy's run and to help raise money for Safe Haven, visit her website. The marathon will be held in Boston on Monday (April 17).

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