Just what Alabama needs... ANOTHER deadly snake to worry about!

Does it really matter if its black?

I don't care if its green, blue, brown, or even pink, if it rattles I stay away.

Some parts of Alabama are unseasonably dry, which can affect many variations of wildlife throughout our state.

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Common practice for myself is to keep my distance and avoid any possible encounter with slithery creatures with venom that can bite and kill me.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Courtesy inaturalist.com
Courtesy inaturalist.com

The internet is as close as I want to get when encountering a deadly snake. See video below.

Yet there are those who love to see snakes in their natural habitat. A hike and a glimpse of a snake can make their day.

We know that deadly snakes are all around us but now we have a rare snake in our neck of the woods.

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We have a rare black canebrake rattlesnake to add to our list of snakes to avoid.

Watch the video, after an afternoon of looking for snakes, and finding a few cottonmouths, one herpetologist found this rare snake right here in Alabama!

Now I know we have deadly snakes native to Alabama, hybrid snakes being bred in Alabama and now we have to add this rare black canebrake rattlesnake to our list.

With fall around the corner, we have to be extra cautious. With our native snakes that blend so well with the autumn colors, be on the lookout for the new black rattlesnake!

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