We have all, at some point, looked at a handful of change and hoped to find any state quarters we could.  Until they became the normal-looking quarter for us, we would get excited if we found one for a state we have been to.

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Some people began to collect all the state quarters they could find. The US Mint released 5 new state quarters every year from 1999 till 2008.  So where am I headed with this story? You all know me so well, I am headed towards lining your pocket with some extra cash before the holidays. See video by scrolling below.

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So how much dough can this specific quarter be worth…well one just sold for $7,200! That’s a pretty decent profit!! Are you wondering which coin we are talking about? Have you guys got your state quarter booklets out? Change jars ready to dump? That purse that is a coin-collecting vault?

Dorota Rokosz
Dorota Rokosz

Ok, drumroll please, we are searching for a state coin from Georgia!! Luckily, I have seen plenty of Georgia quarters being handed to me when I shop and get change back.  What is so special about this 1999 minted quarter…the color!

Yes, I am talking about the hue/shade/tone of this quarter!! So are you scratching your head trying to figure out what I mean? So when the US Mint was working on the metal for the 2000 Sacagawea dollar coins, they played around using the gold-colored metal. Curious to see what this new metal would look like on another coin, they minted the Georgia quarter.

Not happy with the results, they reverted back to silver. Those experimental golden quarters, well they did make it into circulation! It can be a blessing for you, if you happen to see one.  So dump those quarters and begin looking for your golden Georgia quarter!

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