The great grandson of Paul "Bear" Bryant says he might consider going to Clemson or Notre Dame. Tuscaloosa has never seen this before because every single descendant of Paul Bryant has attended the University of Alabama.

According to and a story written by Joesph Goodman this will be the first descendant with a chance to play college football and he is being courted by Alabama's rivals.  "Growing up I was an Alabama fan, but now as I'm growing up and becoming more of an athlete and prospect I'd say I'm open to anybody," Paul Tyson said. "Whoever has an interest in me."

I remember back when I watched as Brodie Croyle was pressured by Bama fans to come to T-town.  Sadly, I remember large donors threatening to stop funding the Big Oak Ranch if Brodie choose another school.  I hope this young man does what is BEST for him because you only live once.  This of course excludes AUBURN, the ole cow-collage as the man used to call it. (just kidding, be you i guess)

Now here's the kicker, his new high school coach, Josh Floyd, worked under Gus Malzahn but Auburn hasn't shown much interest in Tyson.  In my opinion, AU is looking for their next Cam Newton, rather than a 6'4" pro-style QB.

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