Gus Malzahn

Who Will Auburn Hire as Head Coach?
Who will take the job that apparently no one wants? The Auburn Tigers paid $21 million to fire Gus Malzahn after finishing 6-4 in a conference only, COVID-19 laden, season. Eight days have passed and the Tigers still have not officially found a new football coach to lead the program into the future.…
Auburn Football Releases COVID-19 Testing Numbers
Auburn's Gus Malzhan said today that over the course of the entire summer the Tigers have dealt with 33 positive COVID-19 tests from its players as well as one positive test from a staff member. The Tigers currently have four players still going through testing procedures but Malzahn said he ex…
Malzahn Tweets About New Rule Change
The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved several procedural rule changes today. One of the rule changes would have directly impacted the 2019 Iron Bowl. Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn took a screenshot of the rule and tweeted that it was an interesting change.
Coach Bryant’s Great Grandson is a 6’4″ QB
The great grandson of Paul "Bear" Bryant says he might consider going to Clemson or Notre Dame. Tuscaloosa has never seen this before because every single descendant of Paul Bryant has attended the University of Alabama.
According to AL...