Brad Paisley's "My Miracle" lyrics detail just how he feels about his wife of nearly 16 years, Kimberly Williams-Paisley. The song is a co-write between Paisley and Gary Nicholson, but the feelings captured are straight from the superstar's heart.

The intimate ballad features Paisley's signature guitar skills creating the perfect tribute to his wife — he says he rarely professes his love in this way, blending his music and marriage.

"I can be a little ornery when it comes to writing love songs. I don't typically put it all out there, but in this one I did," Paisley says of the song. "This is the most powerful statement I think I can make. The one I wrote it for (wife Kimberly), she is my worst critic typically, but in this case, I think I got it right."

Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley married in March of 2003 and now have two sons together. "My Miracle" is presumably from a yet-to-be-announced new project.

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Brad Paisley's "My Miracle" Lyrics:

This is the gospel according to me / A tale of Whiskey turned to wine / Ain't no moving of a mountain / Ain't no parting of the sea / But I stand here and witness something just as divine.

My miracle is five foot five / No doubt in my mind, she's the reason I'm alive.


And I wasn't always spiritual / Only one thing's for sure / How could I not have faith in the God that created her.

Mama used to pray someday that I would see the light / Never thought it would be in someone's eyes / A crowded restaurant on a Friday night / I heard angels sing my whole life changed and I realized my miracle is standing right there / Looking so beautiful with blue jeans and long brown hair. 

Repeat Chorus 

You see me now / It's crazy how my life changed / Here I stand a better man and you can blame my miracle.

Repeat Chorus

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