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Three women were diagnosed with HIV after getting "vampire facial" treatments at an unlicensed spa. This was the first time HIV was transmitted through a cosmetic needle procedure, according to the CDC.

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The Health Department started looking into the spa in 2018 after a woman tested positive for HIV even though she didn't have any other risk factors. The spa was shut down later that year, and the owner was charged for running it without a license.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

During a vampire facial, blood is drawn from a person, plasma is separated, and then it's reinjected into the face with small needles. The problem here was that the needles were reused instead of being thrown away after one use, which led to HIV being spread.

This incident shows why it's crucial for cosmetic procedures, especially ones involving needles, to be done safely. Reusing needles or not following proper hygiene can be really dangerous.

The CDC says it's important for places offering cosmetic procedures to follow strict rules to prevent infections. They need to use new needles every time and keep good records to make sure everyone stays safe.

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