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Chuck E. Cheese is paradise for kids. Tuscaloosa has a piece of paradise at Midtown Village. Arcade games, small rides, bad pizza, & a musical stage show with animatronic characters.


Chuck E. Cheese.

Launched in the late 1970s by one of the founders of Atari, the chain was known for its arcade games, small rides, mediocre pizza, and especially its musical stage show featuring human-sized animatronics. But that is all about to change as the chain, which currently runs roughly 550 outlets worldwide, is doing away with the animatronic characters — officially known as “Munch’s Make Believe Band” — in favor of “more screens, digital dance floors and trampoline gyms.”

You may want to prepare your kids before their next visit. Chucky E. Cheese is doing away with their animatronic characters! Munch & the Make Believe Band will be powering down.

The New York Times reports the change will happen in late 2024.

The Make-Believe Band features Mr. Munch on keyboards, Jasper T. Jowls, and Pasqually on drums.

If you want to see Munch’s Make Believe Band before retirement you might want to make plans sooner rather than later. According to the Times, the chain “declined to say” what’s going to happen to all of the retired animatronics.

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