Hoyt Hutchinson, the Tuscaloosa resident accused of slashing a hole in the infamous "Baby Trump" called in to the Steve Shannon Morning Show Tuesday to discuss why and how he did the deed.

Hutchinson said he had grown angry at liberal protests in other parts of the country and always told himself that kind of thing would never fly here in the Deep South.

When Hutchinson learned that a group of protesters would be flying the balloon in Tuscaloosa Saturday during President Donald Trump's visit to Bryant-Denny stadium for the Alabama-LSU game, he decided he had to go and pop it.

"It's disrespectful, making fun of my president, it ain't gonna happen," Hutchinson said.

He told Steve that a friend drove him to the park where the massive balloon was flying and approached it, pretending to take a picture on his phone. When he was close enough, he took a razor-sharp fabric cutter and gave the balloon "one good slash" and sliced through it, deflating it almost immediately.

After a brief attempt to flee the scene, Hutchinson was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal mischief, a Class-C felony, but he said he has received calls of support from Tuscaloosa Police officers, Trump supporters and even Senate candidate and former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville.

"That made it all worth it," Hutchinson said. "I've had a lot of people tell me I was a hero and I was their hero and all heroes don't wear capes and all that. I didn't do this trying to be a hero, or do it for attention, I honestly did it because I love President Trump."

Listen to the entire interview below, where Hutchinson explains why he loves Trump, whether he'd do it again and more.


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