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Mattie Lou Patterson is a role model for all of us.

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A real-life lesson in determination, perseverance, spirit, and positivity.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson
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Nine-year-old Mattie Lou underwent a ten-hour limb lengthening surgery a little over a year ago.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson

She has shown remarkable progress since her surgery.

In this clip, she hits that golf ball better than most.

This was the one year anniversary of Mattie’s limb lengthening surgery.

Mattie’s parents, Paul and Katie Patterson, give thanks and glory to God for their precious daughter’s continued progress.

Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson

Mattie obviously loves her big brothers, Pierce a Northridge Middle School student, and North, a 3rd-year law school student at Alabama.

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And it is obvious they love Mattie.

Mattie Lou's latest video will make you smile.

Mattie was teaching 7th-grade big brother Pierce how to hip-hop dance.

Her dad posted on facebook..

"Saturday night entertainment at the Patterson home!!! Mattie teaching big brother how to hip hop dance. North is next!!! … the ending gave me and Katie a good laugh!!!"

Priceless. We think they nailed it!

All of Mattie’s videos are uplifting.

In this clip she plays catch with none other than Heisman trophy winner Devonte Smith.

like chicken soup for the soul.

Mattie isn't just an athlete, she also plays the violin.

I've never met a little girl that can do absolutley anything that she has put her mind to.

We don't know what Mattie Lou's future holds, but we know it's going to be great!

We're all rooting for you, Mattie!

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