The championship wrestling belt that the Alabama defense hands out has taken a back seat to the axe that the wide receivers are carrying around on the sideline in 2016.

The first national sighting of the axe came during the Ole Miss game on CBS in week three. Wide receiver ArDarius Stewart exited the game with an injury but returned in street clothes carrying an the crimson axe with white lettering down the side that spells out assassins.

Fast-forward to Saturday night's game against Kentucky. Ridley made a touchdown catch in the second half and you see him carrying the axe on the sideline as soon as he got off the field.

"We try to play tough and chop your head off at the receiver position. Stew(art) brought that out for us and that's how we live by," Ridley said after the game.

The assassins will face an Arkansas defense on Saturday that's given up just three touchdown passes in five games.

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