The NFL mock drafts out and most "football smarty pants" think that Minkah Fitzpatrick is  first off the board among Crimson Tide players.  Minkah's projected landing spot is at #4 to Cleveland or #7 Tampa Bay.

Kent Gidley/UA Athletics

Calvin Ridley and Da'Ron Payne projected to go first-round and Rahsaan Evans has a good chance to go early too.  The NFL draft is April 26-28 here's a CBS breakdown to discuss with your best buddy Tide fan.  Again, these are simply educated guesses from self proclaimed "football smarty pants" sports guys in mid Feb 2018 who are often wrong.

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7. Minkah Fitzpatrick, Tampa Bay Bucs (Don Hartley says Minkah will go higher than 7)

8. Calvin Ridley, Chicago Bears

17. Da'Ron Payne, Los Angeles Chargers

25. Rashaan Evans, Tennessee Titans's projections (educated guesses)

4. Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cleveland Browns

8. Calvin Ridley, Chicago Bears

17. Rashaan Evans, Los Angeles Chargers

20. Da'Ron Payne, Detroit Lions.

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